Ammunation - Intra College Talent Hunt 2019

Giving the students a platform to showcase their talent, Cultural and Students Welfare Department of MM(DU) is conducting Ammunation, an intra college talent hunt from 31st Jan 2019 to 9th Feb 2019. Budding stars of the colleges and institutions of MM(DU) are encouraged to explore their hidden talent and rock the stage through various activities like Music, Dance, Theatre, Literary, Fine Arts & Craft, Quiz, and Photography.  

Serving as a powerful medium to develop the student’s personality and confidence in a holistic manner, the Talent Hunt is expected to receive humongous participation. The event will certainly instil a healthy competitive spirit among students as well as inspire them to perform in a great manner.

Ranging right from the music and dance events to brain games and artistic competitions, the Intra College Talent Hunt 2019 of MM(DU) comprises a total of 31 competitions and has something for almost everyone under its hood.

To make the Talent Hunt unbiased and successful, prominent personalities from various fields are invited to judge the events.

Whether you are an agile dancer or a music maestro, a passionate photographer or the most brainiac personality of MM(DU), Ammunation stage is all yours. Get set to enjoy the joyride of Ammunation, an unforgettable journey where students are given with a chance to enjoy a plethora of events by participating in them along with winning lucrative prizes.

The top 3 winners of each event will be awarded certificates of merit by the Department of Students Welfare.

It would be really heartening to see the future of nation on the Ammunation stage exploring their talents and aiming to perk up with each and every experience.

The 10-day event commenced today with great zest and zeal!