Google for Education – a coveted Center of Excellence at MMDU


In today’s world, one needs to be equipped with practical knowledge for a longlasting success. Degrees and education matter but icing on the cake is when students come equipped with practical knowledge. That’s why more and more Indian universities are opting to have centers of excellence in their institutions. One of the most rewarding aspects of studying at MMDU is the industry tie-ups which this university has with the global business leaders. MMDU has set up the Google Learning Centre of Excellence to empower the students with the best kind of education.


Google for Education Center of Excellence at MMDU offers courses for the computer application students which include learning Android programming from Google expertise, Google flagship product "Android App" certification, hands on experience of Google Chrome OS and working with Google's Cloud based Chrome-books.


All such indulgences would give the students comprehensive and industry specific knowledge about installing the Android SDK and setting up Eclipse, Android activity lifecycle, using SQLite programming, SQLite databases, creating professional User Interfaces, Styles & Themes in Android, understanding more about Linkify, Adapters and Widgets, Notifications, Live Folders, using SD cards and multimedia in Android. These courses also include active learning programs on XML Parsing, JSON parsing, Maps, GPS, Location based Services, making your apps social using the Facebook & Twitter SDK's and deploying your app & publishing it to the Google Play Store.


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