Nursing (For Girls)

With the mission to prepare a blend of competent and skilled female graduate nurses M.M. Institute of Nursing was established in year 2006. Focus of the institute had been to equip student nurses who can provide quality care while overcoming the ever changing challenges in health care with ease. The institute is actively engaged in the pursuit of teaching, research and extension activities and it carters to the scholastic and co-scholastic requirements of the students. The learned faculty members of the college aim to revolutionize learning and redefine the boundaries of knowledge by combining the cutting edge methodology with a commitment to teaching and scientific approach. Publications work in various peer reviewed referred journals of international repute too have been an additional achievement of the teachers. The institute does not only strive for preparing students from academic excellence but simultaneously ensure their overall personality development by conducting programs such as talent hunt, cultural activities, world day celebrations and motivation in the participation of sports competitions throughout the year. Through the institution has achieved significant recognition in the society, yet we continue to strive to provide the best learning experience and environment for our students.


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2. E- learning program
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1. Prepare graduates to assume responsibilities as professional competent nurses and midwives in providing Promotive, preventive and curative & rehabilitative services.
2. Prepare nurses who can make independent decisions in nursing situations, protect the rights of & facilitate individuals and groups in pursuit of health, function in the hospital, community nursing services and conduct research studies in the area of the nursing practice.
They are also expected to assume the role teacher, supervision and manager in clinical/ public health nursing.


On completion of the four years nursing program the graduate will be able to:
1. Apply knowledge from physical biological & behavioral sciences, medicine including alternative system and nursing in providing nursing care to individuals, families and communities.
2. Demonstrate understanding of life cycle & other factors which affect health of individuals and groups.
3. Provide nursing care on the based on steps of nursing process in collaboration with the individual and group.
4. Demonstrate critical thinking skill in making decisions in all situation in order to provide quality care.
5. Utilize the latest trends & technologies in providing health care.
6. Provide Promotive, preventive & restorative health service in line with the national health policies & programs.
7. Practice within framework of code of ethics & professionals conduct and acceptable standards of practice with in the legal boundaries.
8. Communicate effectively with individuals and groups and members of health team in order to promote affective interpersonal relationships & teamwork.
9. Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals & groups in clinical / community health settings.
10. Participate effectively as members of health team in health care delivery system.
11. Demonstrate leadership & managerial skills in clinical/ community health settings.
12. Conduct need based research studies in various settings & utilize the research findings to improve the quality of care.
13. Demonstrate awareness. Interest & contributes towards advancement of self & of the profession.

Academic Calendar

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Subject Name


Anatomy and Physiology


The course is designed to enable students to acquire knowledge of the normal structure and physiology of various human body systems and understand the alteration in anatomical structures and physiology in disease and practice of nursing




The course is designed to assess the students to acquire knowledge of nutrition for maintenance of optimum health at different stages of life and its applications in practice of nursing.

Biochemistry deals with normal biochemical compositions and functioning of human body.

Nursing Foundation

It is aimed at helping the students to acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in techniques of nursing and practice them in supervised clinical settings.


It is designed to acquire knowledge of fundamentals of psychology and develop an insight into behaviour of self and others and practice these for promoting mental health in nursing factors.


This course introduce concept of sociology related to community and its relationship with health illness and nursing.


This course help the students to develop skills in reading, writing, listening and vocabulary.


This course is designed to develop basic understanding of uses of computer and its applications in nursing


Subject Name


Pharmacology, Pathology and Genetics

Pharmacology: This course enables the student to acquire understanding of drugs and their nursing implications.

Pathology: The study of the essential nature of diseases and especially of the structural and functional changes produced by them.

Genetics: The study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics.

Medical Surgical Nursing-I

This help the student to acquire knowledge and develop proficiency in caring for patients with medical surgical disorders related to the different systems of the body.

Communication and Education Technology

It is designed to enable the students to acquire an understanding of the principles and methods of communication.


This course is designed to enable the students to acquire the understanding of fundamentals of micro biology and identification of various micro-organisms.

Community Health Nursing-I

This course is designed to enable students to appreciate the principles of promotion and maintenance of health.


Subject Name


Child Health Nursing

This course is designed for developing an understanding of the modern approach to child care, identification, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of neonates and children.

Mental Health Nursing

It help the student to develop an understanding of the modern approach to mental health, identification, prevention and nursing management of common mental health problems with special emphasis on therapeutic interventions for individuals, family and community.

Research and Statistics

This course help the student to develop an understanding of basic concept of research, analysis and utilization of research findings.

Medical Surgical Nursing-II

This helps the student to acquire knowledge and develop proficiency in caring for geriatric patients and patients with different oncological conditions.


Obstetrical and Gynecology

This course is designed for students to appreciate the concept and principles of midwifery and obstetrical nursing. It help the students to acquire knowledge and skills in rendering nursing care to normal and high risk pregnant women during antenatal, natal and postnatal period.

Nursing Management

This course enables the students to acquire understanding of management of clinical, professional responsibilities and contribution to the growth of profession.

Community Health Nursing-II

This course is designed to enable students to appreciate the principles of promotion and maintenance of health.



Sr. No. Name of Lab Description
1 Nursing Foundation Lab Nursing Foundation Lab is to demonstrate and hands on practice about basic nursing procedures
2 Nutrition Lab Nutrition lab is well equipped for Teaching as well as hands on practice of planning and preparation of therapeutic diet
3 Community Health Nursing Lab Community Health Nursing Lab helps students to learn simulation based preventive, promotive and curative health services which are applicable in rural and urban community areas
4 Maternal and Child Health Lab Child Health Nursing Lab is to teach and practice various procedures related to new born care and child health
5 Computer Lab Students acquire basic as well as advanced computer skills using computer lab. Easy accessibility to internet is also assured
6 Audio Visual Aid Lab Audio visual aids lab is equipped with standard models, charts and mannequins which aids teachers in provision of effective teachings



Name of Conferences


Annual National Conference on Nursing Informatics

07/04/2016 to 08/04/2016

Annual National Conference of IANN on "Synergizing the Technology and Humanism in Neonatal Care"

14/02/2014 to 16/02/2014

Annual National Conference on "Collaborative Synergy"

06/04/2013 to 07/04/2013


Name of Workshops


Disaster Preparedness


Updates on Advanced Nursing Skills

13/04/2010 to 15/04/2010

Expert Talk

Name of Eminent Guest Speaker




Mr. Sudhir

Nursing Tutor

Yoga Class


Religious leaders of OM SHANTI, Center-Mullana

OM SHANTI, Center-Mullana

Positive thinking


Mr Ashutosh

Deputy director of student welfare and public relations MM(DU), Mulana

E-mail Etiquette


Mr Ashutosh

Deputy director of student welfare and public relations MM(DU), Mulana



Mr Ashutosh

Deputy director of student welfare and public relations MM(DU), Mulana

Communication skills


Mr Ashutosh

Deputy director of student welfare and public relations MM(DU), Mulana

Positive Attitude and thinking


Mrs Adiba Siddiqui

Principal MM School of nursing

Emerging trends in nursing leadership


Mr Navdeep Bansal

Organ donation Coordinator

Organ donation


Dr. Sumesh Kumar

Assist Professor IIHMR New Delhi

Future Prospects and Management of Health Care Industry in India


Ms. Balbir Kaur

HOD, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, MM(DU)

Introduction to Forensic Medicine


Ms. Sapna

Senior Co-ordinator,Anovus Institute of Clinical Research, Chandigarh

Opportunities in Clinical Research-various Courses Offered, Placement of Students in Various Industries


Ms. Poonam Kharke

Geriatric Specialist, Florida University, USA

Quality in Nursing-Difference of Nursing Practice in India and Abroad


Mr. Abhinandan Soharu

Assistant Manager INSCOL Health Care Private Limited, Chandigarh

Career Counselling


Dr.Karan Walia

Asst. Prof, MM Institute of Management

Finanacial Literacy- Ability to Understand How Money Works in the World


Mrs. Jyotsana Despande

Bharati Vidyapeeth, Deemed University, Pune

Critical Thinking in Nursing-Components, Process, Importance.


Mrs. Vivian Lui

Executive Director, Lawerence College, Alpha International Campus, Toronto

Possibility for Canadian Immigration for Health Professionals-


Dr.Avinash Rana

Asst. Prof, NINE, Chandigarh

Collective Bargaining-Definition, Need, Process, Techniques, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages


Dr. Sanjay Bedi

Asst. Prof, MM Medical College

Information Technology and Google Drive- Meaning, Uses, Accessing, Advantages


Dr. Asir John

Asst. Prof, MM Institute of Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation

How to Publish Article in Journals-Think,History,Target Journal, Impact Factor, Where to Publish,Steps Involving in Preparing Manuscript.


Dr.Thaddeus Pace

Asst. Prof, College of Nursing, University of Arizona

Stress Management-Physiology of Stress, Causes, Types, Overcoming Stress, Coping with Stress


Mr.Yogesh Kumar

Associate Prof, MMCON

Leadership Skills in Clinical Supervision-Leadership Types, Do's, Don'ts, Advantages, Disadvantages, Nurse Managers Role


Mrs. Vinay

Asst. Prof, MMCON

Research Methodology


Dr. Sailesh Yadav

Asst. Prof, Department of Pharmocology

“Combat Drug Resistance: No Action Today, No Cure Tomorrow”

Review about the Action of Antibiotics, Drug Tolerance and Drug Resistance and Method of Preventing Drug Resistance


Projects by Students

Not Available

  • Women Empowerment
  • Adolescent Health
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease